Laura Hayes, Executive Leadership Team

laurahayesLaura Hayes is the mother of 3 young adult children, now ages 22, 20, and 18.  Her children were born not long after the tripling of the vaccine schedule in the U.S., which included decimating levels of the neurotoxins mercury and aluminum, completely unbeknownst to her.

She and her husband watched their middle child, Ryan, lose skills and develop unusual behaviors after each successive round of vaccines, with his vaccines at 18 months nearly killing him.  Just before his 2nd birthday, Laura made the devastating realization that he fit the criteria for “autism.”  She had no idea that their son was part of what was fast becoming a national epidemic of vaccine-induced autism.

Within weeks of their son being diagnosed, she and her husband became very involved with the original chapter of Families for Early Autism Treatment in Sacramento, CA.  Her husband, Rick, served as FEAT’s President for 3 years, and Laura helped fundraise for FEAT for many years and also advocated both locally and at the state level for timely and appropriate ABA services for not only her own son, but for all children with autism in the state of CA.  She and her husband were also co-founders of the MIND Institute at UC Davis.

Laura has lectured on how to run a successful ABA program, she has written articles for the Age of Autism blog, and she maintains a large and active email group with whom she shares vaccine and other health- and rights-related information.  It is her calling and her passion to educate others about the dangers and inefficacies of our nation’s vaccine program, in addition to the vast corruption behind it.  She hopes to live to see the banning of vaccine mandates in our country, and the return of parental rights and medical choice freedom.

Laura graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Human Biology.  She was a school teacher prior to having her own children, and has managed her son’s home-based ABA program for over 18 years.  She is proud of how far he has come from the days when he couldn’t speak or understand even one word of the English language.

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