Jennifer Stella, Executive Leadership Team

Jennifer holds a degree in microbiology and worked in the field of molecular infectious disease diagnostics before starting her family. She started looking more thoroughly into vaccine health impacts/injury recovery options and “alternative” health choices after her son reacted violently to his baby shots. She is now a classically trained homeopath and passionate citizen advocate for informed consent Read more about Jennifer Stella, Executive Leadership Team[…]

Michelle Schneider, Executive Leadership Team

As the mother of a vaccine-injured pre-schooler, Michelle has spent much of the last two and a half years advocating for special needs children as well as vaccine choice rights. Through her work with TEAM TMR, The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, Autism Media Channel and TACA, she has had the chance to reach parents across the Read more about Michelle Schneider, Executive Leadership Team[…]

Sandi Marcus, Executive Leadership Team

Sandi Marcus is mom to 3 adult children. Grandmother to 5 including identical twin boys diagnosed with autism. Public speaker, author, grassroots strategist and advocate for disability rights, vaccine safety and health freedom. Sandi is a member of several autism and disability organizations. Please follow and like us:

Dorian Yates, Executive Leadership Team

Dorian has worked on environmental and health issues for thirty-five years in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, covering a range of green and ecological issues including food, travel, energy and health care. Dorian has worked for grassroots advocacy organizations, lobbied state and federal legislators, advised philanthropic and socially responsible investment funds, managed green businesses, written Read more about Dorian Yates, Executive Leadership Team[…]

Mark Blaxill, Executive Leadership Team

Mark Blaxill is the father of a daughter diagnosed with autism, Chairman and co-founder of the Canary Party, Editor-at-Large for Age of Autism, a former director of SafeMinds and a frequent speaker at autism conferences. He writes often on autism, science and public policy issues for Age of Autism and has published a number of Read more about Mark Blaxill, Executive Leadership Team[…]

Dan Burns, Executive Leadership Team

Dan E Burns, Ph.D. (English), served as a writer-producer for Eastman Kodak Company, as a speechwriter for Diamond Shamrock Corporation/Maxus Energy, and as Adjunct Professor, University of Texas at Arlington, teaching systems analysis. In 1980 his third child, Benjamin, was diagnosed with autism. In Saving Ben: A Father’s Story of Autism, Burns chronicles his son’s Read more about Dan Burns, Executive Leadership Team[…]

Patti Carroll, Executive Leadership Team

Patti Carroll is a parent of two incredible teenagers, one of whom suffered permanent brain damage from his “Well Baby” vaccines.  She is an outspoken advocate for vaccine safety, health freedom, and informed consent on potentially dangerous medical procedures. Patti is a Consumer Safety Advocate and board member for the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, Read more about Patti Carroll, Executive Leadership Team[…]

Allison Chapman, Executive Leadership Team

Allison Chapman attended Northeastern University and was formerly a restaurant and bar manager until she became the mom of 3 beautiful children, 2 daughters and a son with regressive autism, seizures, apraxia, gastrointestinal and esophageal inflammation. Since the autism regression in 2001 she has dedicated years to environmental, medical and education research, advocacy and activism. She Read more about Allison Chapman, Executive Leadership Team[…]

Teresa Conrick, Executive Leadership Team

Teresa Conrick MSEd, has worked in the field of education for over 25 years.  Her older daughter received an autism diagnosis in 1995.  Megan was a normally developing child who began to lose skills and show signs of regression, after receiving vaccines at 18 months. The once happy child stopped developing speech, began to have painful Read more about Teresa Conrick, Executive Leadership Team[…]