Health Freedom Louisiana

Louisiana is fortunate to have the best vaccine exemption policy in the United States of America. However, after the 2015 passage of Senate Bill 277 in California, which stripped the rights to religious and philosophical exemptions in California, it became apparent that the families of Louisiana needed to organize to keep our rights. Californians faced the decision to comply to the entire CDC vaccine schedule without exception or homeschool their children. At that time, there were 29 other states introducing bills to limit or remove vaccine exemptions. And thus, Louisiana Parents for Vaccine Rights was formed in 2016.

As of April 2017, there were 173 vaccine related bills amongst 40 state states across our country. Louisiana Parents for Vaccine Rights will remain alert and proactive within the political system in order to assure health freedom for all families. We encourage you to join us in making your voice heard!

Our mission is to advocate for health freedom and informed consent by educating parents of their rights to vaccine choice as well as vaccine safety; proactively defending parental rights; and taking a stand against discrimination or restriction of those liberties.

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