Emily Tarsell

Emily Tarsell

Executive Leadership Team

Emily Tarsell, LCPC, ATR-BC is a Maryland resident, mother, artist and licensed clinical professional counselor.  Emily has worked professionally to assist families, children, adolescents and adults with social/emotional issues such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, attachment and relationship issues and developmental delays.

She is currently in private practice.

Emily shared a passion for art with her only child, Christina. Emily has both a BA and MFA in fine arts and has exhibited her work in Maryland and New York City. She is currently gallery director for Unicorn Gallery. Chris was a studio arts and philosophy major at Bard College. She was an honors student, member of the tennis team, and art editor of the campus literary magazine. Just prior to her senior year at Bard, Chris died suddenly, inexplicably and unexpectedly 18 days after her third Gardasil shot in June of 2008. Chris was just 21 and had been healthy and active with no pre-existing conditions. After an extensive investigation, Emily and her family received expert medical reports stating that Chris died from a serious adverse reaction to the hpv vaccine Gardasil.

Following Chris’s death, Emily became actively involved in researching the risks and benefits of Gardasil and was astounded by what she learned. She created a website at www.gardasil-and-unexplained-deaths.com to document research and raise awareness to help others in the decision making process. She volunteered to work for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) as Director of Network Development. In that role, she listened to families who had experienced serious injury to or loss of a child following injections of Gardasil. This resulted in a study which she co-authored showing a strong correlation between the Gardasil vaccine injections and the onset and worsening of symptoms that did not exist before inoculation. Her tragic loss and increased awareness have moved her to network with families and vaccine choice organizations, to testify before legislators and to participate in giving numerous interviews for radio, tv and documentaries about Gardasil. She also currently serves on the Executive Board of the Canary Party.

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