Patti Carroll

Patti Carroll

Executive Leadership Team

Patti Carroll is a parent of two incredible teenagers, one of whom suffered permanent brain damage from his “Well Baby” vaccines. She is an outspoken advocate for vaccine safety, health freedom, and informed consent on potentially dangerous medical procedures.

Patti is a Consumer Safety Advocate and board member for the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, and previously served on the boards of Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT – North Texas chapter) and Parents United Against Autism (PAA).

Patti has been a supporter and mentor for Somali autism parents in the Minneapolis area since 2008, and has been a Rescue Angel for Generation Rescue for several years. She has written articles for The Autism File magazine and Age of Autism blog, and is a founding member of The Canary Party political action committee. Patti currently serves as a board member of The Canary Party.

Her son’s vaccine injury claim languished in the so-called “swift” National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for over a decade before finally being dismissed from the program in 2014. After researching the history of the NVICP and interviewing dozens of families that had endured the process, Patti became passionate about reforming or doing away with this dysfunctional program.

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