With Liberty and Justice for All?

Our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance – most school kids learn those words at a very early age. We in the United States are taught to appreciate living in a country that has liberties many people around the world can only dream about. We are taught that we have a voice in public discourse. We are taught that we are part of a political system that allows for justice for everyone, not only the elite few.

But over time, many of us learn that one unfair exception to personal liberty exists in this country within health and medical choice. Regarding vaccines, freedom does not necessarily apply.

If you or your children are injured by a vaccine, you no longer have a voice. And in many instances you may not even have a choice. Not only are parents ignored when they say their child suffered an adverse event from a vaccine, they are also ridiculed, bullied and belittled – though victims’ families feel ethically compelled to speak out in the hope that vaccine injury will not destroy others’ lives.

Parents are told by industry, government and society that they only imagined the vaccine injury, or that it was a coincidence that their child became ill and regressed developmentally after the vaccination appointment. Parents are shouted down by vaccine bullies, and told that by speaking up about vaccine injuries they are harming society because other parents may fear getting their own children vaccinated.

So especially when it comes to vaccines, America is no longer the Home of the Free. To the contrary: Free speech is not only discouraged, it is vilified. It is attacked. It is muzzled.

All this public hostility and censorship comes as a great shock to average folks who have grown up with the secure feeling that they live in a free and just society. As taxpaying citizens we expect truth, transparency, fairness and service from our government agencies. But the reality is a much different story when your child is injured by one or more government-mandated vaccines, and your family now faces multimillion-dollar expenses for a lifetime disability.

You promptly discover that you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer, or the medical staff that administered the vaccine. You must petition an arcane government department called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). Parents soon find out that the VICP is incredibly adversarial toward families, and despite its initial charter has become primarily concerned with preserving consumer faith in the U.S. vaccine program. Eighty percent of vaccine injury claims to the VICP are dismissed, and the few cases compensated take years of struggle before they’re grudgingly settled by government.

Parents of chronically ill vaccine-injured children are left with no just legal options for covering the enormous expenses from unavoidable medical bills, therapies and education. Financial devastation is a common story, with families not only losing homes and retirement income but going deeply into debt. Despair, broken homes and suicides are increasing

It’s another tough blow for families to realize that they allowed their child to receive dozens of vaccinations without knowing about potential side effects, or realizing that in the process they were being cheated out of their judicial rights.

So this is a big reason why I joined Health Choice. I want to advocate for the freedom to say NO to mandatory medical procedures, such as vaccine mandates. I believe that in a free country, preserving the right to say NO to an intrusive government program that carries the unmitigated risk of disability or even death is a fundamental right worth fighting for.

What other supposed rights or freedoms could possibly matter more than saying NO to having questionable biological agents injected into our children and ourselves?

I love my country. I love it enough to fight for the rights that it was founded upon. I believe in Liberty and Justice for ALL Americans. I believe we all have the right to our own choices for our health and well-being.

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