Allison Chapman, Executive Leadership Team

allisonchapmanAllison Chapman attended Northeastern University and was formerly a restaurant and bar manager until she became the mom of 3 beautiful children, 2 daughters and a son with regressive autism, seizures, apraxia, gastrointestinal and esophageal inflammation.

Since the autism regression in 2001 she has dedicated years to environmental, medical and education research, advocacy and activism. She has met with many state and federal legislators to educate them on the autism epidemic, the many medical co-morbidities that go undetected and the needs of the community.  She provides them with a wealth of scientific information validating probable environmental contributions to the epidemic and pointing to the fact that autism, for children like her son, is a medical condition. She has testified and advocated for parental rights, and fought to reinstitute a respect for parental observations as an integral part of the medical discovery process.  She has advocated with the Autism Action Network, formerly A-CHAMP and since 2011 has been co-leader for the Massachusetts chapter of the Canary Party.  Currently, Allison is on the Board of the Canary Party.


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