Teresa Conrick, Executive Leadership Team

teresaconrickTeresa Conrick MSEd, has worked in the field of education for over 25 years.  Her older daughter received an autism diagnosis in 1995.  Megan was a normally developing child who began to lose skills and show signs of regression, after receiving vaccines at 18 months.

The once happy child stopped developing speech, began to have painful rashes, fevers, severe gastrointestinal issues, allergies and then was diagnosed with the DSM word – “Autism.”  Teresa has devoted her time and efforts into searching documents and studies from both past and present, to piece together the connections of illness that many of the children share.  In her research, she located the true identities of two of the original eleven, anonymous children, who were the first patients ever diagnosed as autistic by Dr. Leo Kanner, in his 1943 paper. Teresa has been a contributing writer for The Age Of Autism, daily web newspaper of the autism epidemic, for the past six years.

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